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Wise Eyes


Our focus is on the development of reading skills

We aim to remain a reputable company with a passion for changing the lives of people by improving their reading skills

We strive to provide on a continuous basis the best for our learners

We incorporate the latest techniques and ideas in our programmes

All our actions are in order to achieve maximum results, in minimum time, with lasting effect

We foster long-term partnerships with our independent practitioners (Principal Members and Agents) and aim to provide quality products and excellent support services


To assist everyone young and old, who wants to read and to learn how to be a better, faster and more effective reader

To help realise their potential and excel beyond what they think is possible

For everyone to be able to comprehend written text so that they may become independent readers and lifelong learners with a firm grasp of the written world that surrounds them.

To deliver improved and sustainable value to all our Principal Members and Agents.