I’m seeing flashing lights/floaters….

I’m seeing flashing lights/floaters….

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We tend to think that if it doesn’t hurt, it must be fine – but ignoring odd eye symptoms is a mistake.

There are no pain receptors in the eye, so if you’re seeing things, but feel no pain it doesn’t mean you’re, OK.

Save your sight: know the warning signs of a problem so you can act before it’s too late.

Symptom: tiny dark shadows floating across the eyes.

What you’re actually seeing are shadows cast by rogue strands of collagen. These form part of the vitreous jelly which maintains the eye’s shape, but they can pull free from edge of the jelly and float harmlessly across the field of vision.

When to Worry: If the occasional floater turns in a sudden “cobweb” of squiggles, especially with associated flashes, or one single, large floater that won’t disappear.

This is a sign of vitreous detachment, where the vitreous jelly pulls away from the retina.

We all need our eyes to see the beautiful creation of our heavenly Father, don’t take your eyes for granted. Go for regular eye examinations.

By Johannette Jacobs – Practice Manager at Sucro Optometrists.

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