How to clean your glasses the right way…

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When you excitedly receive your new pair of stylish spectacles from Sucro Optometrists, you will also receive a spray bottle, which contains a lense cleaning solution and a cloth.

As part of your morning routine you must clean your new spectacles by first spraying them with the lense cleaning solution and then wiping them with the little cloth that came with your glasses. If your lenses are greasy (for whatever reason) and the spray doesn’t help, run your lenses under cold water and wipe with your cloth.

Wash your little cloth once a week in the washing machine with your clothes.

2 is always better than 1 and this same principle applies to the clothes that you use on your spectacles. Ideally you should have 2 clothes, one to wipe the spray solution on your lenses and the other to dry your lenses. This will eliminate the greasy lense problem.

At Sucro Optometrists we also have the following products that will make the above soooo much more convenient:

  • Sucro Lense Cleaning Solution – R20 (Spray Bottle)
  • Sucro Lense Cleaning Cloth – R10
  • Lense Wipes – R70 – Box of 50 Wipes
    • Individually Wrapped
    • Purchased in a box of 50 wipes
    • You just wipe your lenses and they dry themselves
    • Can be used to clean your cellphone, laptop, tv screens (very useful)
  • Foam Lense Cleaner – R40
    • Perfect for Anti-Glare Lenses
    • Lenses don’t get greasy as fast
    • Use 2 clothes (1 to apply foam, 2 to dry)

The last and final step is to pop into Sucro Optometrists to either get your new spectacles with all the cleaning products, or just come get some cleaning products for your older spectacles. We look forward to your visit with us.


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