How long does a full eye test take?

A full eye examination takes about 20 minutes, there after if you need glasses you have to choose a frame to which we can't really allocate a specific time.

At what age can I bring my child to test his/her eyes?

From the age of 8 years old onward. We do check their eyes if they are younger and also supply frames for any age but it is always suggested for a young child to also see an Ophthalmologist to do a test as well.

What does an eye test cost?

We have contracts with all the major medical aids in South Africa and therefore we charge medical aid tariffs.

If you choose to do the eye test privately our tariff is R450.

Do you keep spares of glasses and sunglasses?

We do have all the basic spares like screws and nose-pads. For more specialised spares we order directly from our suppliers. Therefore we can help with any spares needed.

I struggle to keep the lenses of my glasses clean, what should I do?

We have an ultrasonic cleaner in store, you are more than welcome to just pop in for us to clean them. We also have a collection of cleaning materials in store to make your cleaning experience easier.

Should I book an appointment or just walk-in for an eye-test?

We try and accommodate everyone therefore we will fit you in if you just walk in, but if you mind waiting, then it is better for you to make an appointment.